"Scientific" football is first recorded in 1839 from Lancashireand in the modern game in Rugby football from 1862and from Sheffield FC as early as 1865.The first side to play a passing combination game was the Royal Engineers AFC in 1869/70By 1869 they were "work[ing] well together", "backing up" and benefiting from "cooperation".By 1870 the Engineers were passing the ball: "Lieut. Creswell, who having brought the ball up the side then kicked it into the middle to another of his side, who kicked it through the posts the minute before time was called"Passing was a regular feature of their style By early 1872 the Engineers were the first football team renowned for "play[ing] beautifully together"A double pass is first reported from Derby school against Nottingham Forest in March 1872, the first of which is irrefutably a short pass: "Mr Absey dribbling the ball half the length of the field delivered it to Wallis, who kicking it cleverly in front of the goal, sent it to the captain who drove it at once between the Nottingham posts"The first side to have perfected the modern formation was Cambridge University AFCand introduced the 2–3–5 "pyramid" formation.


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