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     Online jobs are becoming more and more popular. And with the economy causing more and more of us to be without a job, it’s no surprise more people are looking for ways to earn from home. I understand this all too well after losing my job in 2002. The radio station I worked for closed it’s doors and there I was with two kids, a mortgage and no paycheck. Sure, my husband had his job – but we were barely making it with both our paychecks, let alone going down to just ONE!

I wondered, could there be real online jobs out there? Or am I going to get scammed over and over? What do I even want to do from home? Do have the skills to be able to snag the work at home job I want when and if I find it?

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Simple Jobs Types

Delicious: Television$0.10
Picture: Vote $0.10
3D Chat IMVU: Sign up $0.10
Speaking Entrepreneur: Click 3x $0.12
Twitter Post: Tweet Allinclu $0.15
PR4 Blogs/Websites: 50 Words Post + Link to reports $2.50
Forum: Search + Click 2x$0.12
Gyn Tamox Blog: Search + Click 2x $0.12
Youtube: Create an Account $0.10
FalcArt: Click 3x $0.12
PR1 Blogs/Websites: 50 Words Review + Link to Sussex L... $0.50
Facebook Add an Application: Vote on Kath $0.35
Squidoo Like: Interview $0.10
Youtube: Subscribe to Channel$0.10
PR3 Blogs/Websites: 50 Words Post + Link to Salwar Kam... $1.50
Digg: Resaurant Review $0.10
Ignore the Door: Vote $0.10
PR2 Blogs/Websites: 50 Words Post + Link to Page $0.75
PR1 Blogs/Websites: 50 Words Post + Link to Page $0.50
PR2 Blogs/ Websites: 100 Word Article + Link to Web De... $1.10
PR3 Blogs/ Websites: 50 Word Article + Link to Random... $1.50
PR2 Blogs/ Websites: 100 Word Article + Link...$1.10
PR2 Blogs/ Websites: 100 Word Article + Link to Smartp... $1.10

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bishnu giri
06/13/2012 01:58

What are High PR sites? YouTube.com, this site (EzineArticles.com), HubPages.com, Squidoo.com, YouTube, Blogger.com, many.org sites, any.edu site, any.gov site (although these last two are nearly unattainable for marketing purposes). You can install an Add-On for Firefox that will tell you the PR of any website you visit. When you write content on HubPages or Squidoo, etc., it must be overwhelmingly unique. If you just copy-and-paste the same content over and over in different places, the SE's will use the first copy they find and ignore the rest.

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